Remake & Reform Services

毛皮のお直し 各種サービス

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Project Description


We will revive your coat with the latest technology and sophisticated designs.

Fur designer Chie Imai will supervise every step of the process.

From a minor change for details of the sleeves or length of the hemline to a major design change, our highly skilled professionals will consult with you for your makeover.

Although what we use is farmed, fur is a natural product that returns to the nature.
It is inevitable that fur deteriorates in time as well as cashmere coats or leather jackets.
Have you ever felt your fur was outdated and damaged with attrition over the years?

Our fur professionals will transform your fur into a one-of-a-kind piece.

ROYAL CHIE label will be attached with your fur.

Remake Flow

  1. Evaluation

    We evaluate the condition of your fur and determine whether it is suitable for restoration/ restyling.
    You could either take your fur directly or send it to your local ROYAL CHIE store.

  2. Design

    After we assess that your fur is suitable for restoration/ restyling, fur designer Chie Imai herself consults with you to determine the design you desire.

  3. Estimate

    Once the design is determined, we consult with you for the cost estimate. The estimates may vary depending on the design.

  4. Measurement

    After the detailed measurements, we will take photos of you wearing fur as a reference for the fitting.

  5. Fitting

    We make the toile (fabric pattern) in accordance with the measurements, and ask you to come to the store for the fitting and make adjustments for the final fitting.
    The designer Chie Imai will direct throughout the process.

  6. Final / Aftercare

    We restyle your fur according to the toile.



Fur is 100% Repairable.

By threading the edges on the back of the fur pieces themselves, fur garments can be repaired with the stitching lines virtually invisible on the front. You can easily turn your outdated fur into something in style.
This is why fur can last a lifetime.


Costs for Restoration, Restyling

We welcome you to bring in your fur to be checked over. After the inspection, we will call you with an estimate.

The fur designer Chie Imai will advise you and direct for the whole process of the makeover.

We welcome you to bring in your fur to be checked over. After the inspection, we will call you with an estimate.


Sample Price


  • BasePrice


  • with basting


  • Lining

Caring Intoroducyion

Caring for Your Fur

  • When you are done wearing your fur for the season, we advise you to bring it in to the fur specialists for the cleaning (annually) and storage.
  • While your fur is in your closet, keep the lights off to avoid discoloration.
  • Use the right-sized hanger to hang your fur and take enough space to avoid crushing the fur with other garments.
  • When traveling with your fur, keep it in a fabric garment bag to let it breath.
  • When your fur gets ripped out, take it to a professional furrier for restoration.
  • If your fur gets wet, shake it out and hang it in an airy place and let it dry naturally. Do not use dryer as the fur gets stiff when dried.
  • Avoid using hairspray or perfume when wearing your fur.

Maintenance Instruction

Storing Your Fur

Your fur will last longer if stored correctly. Sunlight or fluorescent light may cause discoloration, and dust may damage your fur. ROYAL CHIE offers a fur storage to keep your fur at favorable temperature and humidity.

We keep your fur for free for the first year.

Please feel free to ask about our services.