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Project Description

Designer Imai Chie


Fur is a unique material having strong impact and presence, with a wondering power to enhance the attractiveness and beauty of those who wear, and even the clothes worn underneath of it.

My attraction to fur has never stopped, and I want to share with as many people as possible about this wonderfulness of fur, the powerful material. Since the foundation of my fur company 36 years ago, I have been designing and proposing “Daily Furs – – furs that can be used daily and simply” for enriched, invigorating lifestyle.
The lineup of my design this season introduces afresh more cute and pretty accessories and small items that younger people can enjoy, as time of new era comes. Versatile total fashion that comes from various coordination by “design, color, and material ! ”
I continue to send out “softness, warmth, and unique, refined beauty” of fur, this pure natural material.
Thanks to the generous support of our customers, ROYAL CHIE has become endearing, worldly recognized fur brand since its New York debut in 1999.
I am looking forward to creating and proposing more endearing designs with my company staff.
Thank you